Conditions and treatments at the Department of Cardiology

The Department of Cardiology at the Heart Centre, Rigshospitalet deals with patients with various heart problems.


​Within each area a multidisciplinary team of medical experts and nurses integrate their divergent skills and experience to optimize the care and treatment of all patients.

Coronary artery disease

More than 3,000 invasive diagnostic procedures (coronary angiography) and approximately 2,500 percutaneous coronary interventions (PCI, ballon angioplasty) are performed every year. Treatment of acute myocardial infarction with primary PCI is provided 24/7.

Heart failure and pulmonary hypertension 

The department is a part of the Heart Centre mechanical assist and heart and lung transplantation program. Approximately 40 transplantations and 30 short and/or long term assist device implantations are performed each year. The department is 1 of 2 departments in Denmark approved for management of pulmonary hypertension. 

Heart valve problems

Endocarditis (inflammation of the heart valves) and other types of heart-valve problems are diagnosed and triaged. Transcatheter aortic or mitral valve implantation is a growing and prioritized part of this program. In 2010 more than 100 patients are scheduled for this kind of treatment.

Abnormal heart rythm

400 radiofrequency ablations and 400 ICD implantations (including biventricular devices) are offered for all types of heart rhythm problems. Home monitoring of implantable devices is standard. 

Medical Intensive care

In collaboration with the Department of Anaesthesiology, intensive care facilities for patients with acute, serious or threatening heart-related circulatory failure are provided. The unit is equipped with cath lab, and designed for hypothermia treatment, dialysis, ventilator treatment and short or long-term assist device management.

Congenital heart disease

The department plays a key-role in Rigshospitalets “Center for congenital heart diseases” which cares for children and adults with congenital heart diseases from the eastern part of Denmark.

Inherited heart diseases

Clinical examination, genetic screening, counseling and – if needed – treatment of relatives to patients with known inherited heart problems and/or sudden death.

Respiratory diseases

The hospital’s department for rare and severe lung diseases is located within the Heart Centre. Patients with rare or severe life-threatening pulmonary diseases are evaluated and followed before and after lung transplantion.


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