At the Finsen Laboratory we employ approximately 60 people dedicated to cancer research.​See the full list of ​​employees and students at Finsen Laboratory.​




​Name ​Position ​Phone ​E-mail
​Bo Porse​Head of Laboratory​3545​​

​Behrendt Group​​ ​


​​​Name ​Position ​Phone ​​E-mail
​Niels Behrendt​​Group Leader​3545 6030
Christoffer NielsenPostdoc3545
Daniel Madsen
​​Henrik Gårdsvoll​Senior Scientist​3545
​Katharina H. Stegmann​Laboratory technician​3545
​Kirstine SandalPhD student​3545
​Lejla EminiMaster student​lejl​​
​​Signe Ziir Ingvarsen​Postdoc3545​
Regitse BergeLaboratory technician​

​Engelholm Group​


​​​​Name ​Position ​Phone ​E-mail
​Lars H. Engelholm​Group Leader​3545
​​Natasha Cosgrave​Master student3545 6033​​
​​Ole D. Lærum​Guest Researcher, Professor​3545
​​​​Sander van Putten​Postdoc3545
​Oliver Krigslund​Research assistant​3545​
​Rikke Løvendahl Eefsen​Postdoc​3545
​Britt Christoffersen​Laboratory technician​3545 6042​

​Ploug Group​ ​

​​​Name ​Position ​Phone ​E-mail
​Michael Ploug​Group Leader​3545
​​Gry Ellis Rasmussen​Laboratory technician​3545
​Julie Maya Leth​Master student3545​
​Kristian Kølby KristensenResearch assistant​3545 6036 ​

​Porse Group​ ​


​Name ​Position ​Phone ​E-mail
​Bo Porse​Head of Laboratory​​​3545
​Anna Fossum​Staff Scientist​3532
​Anne Katrine FrankPostdoc​3545
​Anna Wilhelmson​Postdoc3545
​Anne Læssøe Møller​Laboratory technician​3545
​Anne Meldgaard Hansen​Master student3545
​Coline Gentil​Research assistant​3545​
​Elisabeth Søndergaard​PhD student​3545
Eliza Glodkowska-Mrowka ​Postdoc ​3545 6046
​Erwin Marten Schoof​Postdoc​3545
​Haldis Egholm Mønsted (maternity leave)​Laboratory technician​3545
​Janus Jakobsen​Postdoc​3545
​Linea Gøricke LaursenPhD student​3545
​Matilda Rehn​Postdoc​3545
​Mikkel Bruhn Schuster

​Mette Louise TrempenauPhD student​3545
​Nanna JørgensenMaster student​​
​Nicolas Rapin​Senior Scientist​3532
​Tanja Lyholm Jensen​PhD student​3545​​
​Teresa D´ Altri​Postdoc​3545 6046 ​
​Sachin Pundir​Postdoc​3532​
​Ying GePostdoc​3545 6045 ​​

​Theilgaard-Mönch Group​​

​​​Name ​Position ​Phone ​E-mail
​Kim Theilgaard-Mönch​Group Leader​3545
​Alexandra Helbo Søgaard (maternity leave)Postdoc​
​Hüsün Kizilkaya​Research Assistant​3545
​Kristian Reckzeh​Postdoc ​3545
​Montserrat Estruch Alrich​Postdoc​3545
​Setareh Safavi​Postdoc3545

​Weischenfeldt Group


​​​Name ​Position ​​Phone ​E-mail
​Joachim WeischenfeldtGroup Leader​3545 6040
or 3-3-47​
​Francesco FaveroPostdoc​3545
​German RodriguesPostdoc​​3545​
​Josephine Deleuran HenriksenMaster student3545 6024​
​Nikolaus SidiropoulosPhD student​3545
Ruth PeterssonBiomedical laboratory technician​3545 3798​​
​Administration/other​ ​


​​​Name ​Position ​​Phone ​E-mail
​Mersiha Smajlovic​Secretary​3545
​Maria Bjerre Nielsen​Research Coordinator​3545
​Kirke Kjellberg​It-help​​3545 6020​


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