​The Finsen Centre consist of 4 departments; Finsen Laboratory, a department for basic cancer research, and 3 clinical departments specialised in the medical treatment of cancer, haematological disorders and infectious, rheumatologic an immunologic disease.​


Finsen Laboratory

The Finsen Laboratory is a basic cancer research department. We elucidate mechanisms of cancer initiation, maintenance and metastasis with the aim to identify biomarkers and novel targets for therapeutic intervention.

​Department of Haematology

The Department of Haematology is responsible for treatment of all haematological disorders in adults according to internationally accepted guidelines and standards. The department is a centre of expertise for the treatment of blood diseases in Denmark.​

​Department of Infectious Diseases

The Department of Infectious Diseases provides specialist treatment and research within infectious, tropical and immunologic diseases.​​

​​Department of Oncology​​

The Department of Oncology is responsible for the non-surgical treatment modalities of adult patients with solid tumours according to international accepted guidelines and standards. The department is one out of five oncological expert centres in Denmark.​

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