About us

​Drug development has been in focus at the Department of Oncology for more than 25 years. In recent years, the technical demands of early clinical trials have increased. As a consequence, the department has opened a dedicated unit for Phase I and early Phase II trials.

Phase I Unit offer complete project management and clinical trial management systems for phase I and early phase II. We are operating with ICH GCP to industry standards, including standard operating procedures (SOPs) covering all aspects of running clinical trials. We comply with all current legal requirements and the needs of the EU Directive on Clinical Trials (Directive 2001/20/EC).

We are part of a network of leading scientists and oncologists, including collaboration with other Phase I units in Europe and the US.​


Professor, MD, Ph.D. Ulrik Lassen; MD, Ph.D. Morten Sørensen (medical oncologists), and MD, PH.D. Martin Hutchings (hematologist), are heading the Phase I unit and are responsible for most of the Phase I-II early clinical trials. Every day, two senior medical oncol​ogy specialists, specialized in early clinical trials and GCP, will perform their daily duty in the Phase I unit. Six trained nurses together with two secretaries are present at the unit. Junior doctors as well as PhD students are connected to the unit.

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