Daily life in the student unit

​Daily life in the student unit can vary from ward to ward.​

Time of meeting

In ward 3161-2 work hours are 7.30 am-3 pm or 7 am-2.30 pm and in ward 2163-4 you work 7 am-3 pm (and nursing students earn 2 days to study within each module).


The patients are served breakfast between 7-8 am and lunch at 12 am. You will eat your lunch with the rest of the staff. There is a refrigerator for your lunch in the ward. There is also the possibility to buy your lunch in the hospitals cafeteria.

The staff gathers in the break room for information, teaching or/and breakfast at 9.15 am in ward 2163-4 and around 8.45 am in ward 3161-2.

Patient care 

Patient care and round will take place during the morning and administration of medicine along side all meals. In the afternoon focus is on mobilization, documenting and patient care.

Evening shift

You will get the opportunity to participate in evening shifts to a limited degree and along side one of your clinical supervisors.


In both wards there will be a board with the names of the students and the trainees with room to write focus areas, agreements and wishes. The boards gives the clinical supervisors and the rest of the staff and insight into your education and gives them the opportunity to include you. It is expected that you help with keeping the boards updated.

Work schedule

There is a work schedule in the unit for all students and trainees with an over view of all activities, student interviews and days to study.

Notification of sickness

Calling in sick is to be done in the morning between 7-8 am to one of the clinical supervisors in the student unit. You should report fit for duty as soon as you know if you will be showing up for work the next day and best before 12. In addition you should let the clinical pregraduate teacher know by email.


You will be fitted for uniforms the first day and after that new uniforms will be sent to you ward. You must change your uniform every day. There is also the possibility to borrow uniforms.

Foot wear

Must be good to walk in. Washable foot wear would be a benefit.

Mobile/cell phones

Students/trainees must follow the clinics guide lines. This means that you are not on Facebook during work hours. As a rule your cell phone is in your bag. You have the opportunity to have it on silent if you are expecting an important call.


Ward 3161 has the phone number 3445 3161. And ward 2164 has the phone number 3445 2163.

Good advice

  • ​Get a hold of and read relevant literature in regards to dealing with the particular group of patients patient care. See recommended list of literature
  • Be on the look out, be curious and thorough through out the whole course
  • Take co- responsibility to make the every day in the student unit work
  • Contribute with your own experiences when discussion occur
  • Pay attention to updating the boards.​

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