​​The department provides specialist treatment and rehabilitation of patients, children and adults, during their time in hospital, and to a limited extent on an outpatient basis.​

​Pool and gymnasium

The department has various exercise and training facilities, for example a gymnasium with exercise equipment, hot water pools and a kitchen where patients can learn how to manage by themselves. Treatment and rehabilitation take place in the exercise rooms at the department and in wards around the hospital.

The department in numbers

The department receives about 1,600 newly referred patients for occupational therapy annually divided between all clinical specialist areas, and about 12,000 newly referred patients for physiotherapy annually divided between all clinical specialist areas.​

We are:

  • 50 physiotherapists
  • 14 occupational therapists
  • 1 research and development physiotherapist
  • 1 research and development occupational therapist
  • 2 nursing aides
  • 2 clinical educators
  • 4 section leaders
  • 1 head of department​


The department cooperates closely with most clinical specialist areas at Rigshospitalet, receiving patients with rare diseases or disorders, which according to instructions from the National Board of Health must be treated at a highly specialised hospital.

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