About the Department of Anaesthesiology


Photo: Joachim Rode

The department conducts anaesthesia and operation assistance in the following specialities at Rigshospitalet:

  • Orthopaedic surgery
  • Ear-nose-throat surgery
  • Plastic and burns surgery
  • Dental, mouth and maxillofacial surgery
  • Eye surgery

In addition, the department includes the Capital Region of Denmark’s acute doctor’s vehicle, the AMK and the pressure chamber at Rigshospitalet, which helps treat decompression sickness, skin infections and patients with carbon monoxide poisoning.

Trauma Centre

At the trauma centre of Rigshospitalet, the medical specialists in anaesthesiology from the department work as trauma experts, and a consultant from the department is part of the management of the trauma centre.

Acute pain management

In 2010, a newly established Acute Pain Management Unit was attached to the department, focusing on implementation of evidence-based post-operative pain treatment.

In 2009, the medical journal Dagens medicin elected the Department of Anaesthesia as the best department of anaesthesia in Denmark.

Clinical activities

In 2010, 10,982 anaesthesia were performed.

Mean operation time: 181 min./operation.

Additionally, 2,947 so-called ”other activities” were performed (trauma calls/alert of trauma patients, cardiac arrest calls etc.).

The Hyberbaric Chamber had 3,869 elective and 277 acute treatments in 2010.

The Section of Palliative Medicine had 469 contacts in the out-patient clinic and 324 visits were performed on hospitalised patients.

The Mobile Intensive Care Unit had 10,557 alarms, and there were 563 landings at the helipad on the roof of Rigshospitalet.


The Department’s annual budget is in excess of DKK 140 million (approx. 18,8 mill. EUR).


Medical staff: 1 head, 1 professor, 33 specialists in anaesthesiology, 6 doctors in training, and 8 Ph.D. students.

Nurses: 1 chief nurse, 1 chief nurse instructor, 7 staff nurses, 150 nurses and auxiliary nurses, including 7 in training. 44 porters are employed in the department.
Secretaries: 6 secretaries.

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