Research in ultrasonography

​​The research in ultrasonography includes development of standardized definitions of elementary components of findings in rheumatoid arthritis spondyloarthritis and gout, and testing these in methodological and clinical studies.
​The aim is to validate and improve ultrasound as a clinical tool in assessing changes in disease activity and joint damage, as well as to identify predictors of disease progression.

Rheumatoid arthritis

In an international collaboration, we have developed a scoring method for assessing inflammation in joints and tendon sheaths (Bruyn GA et al., 2014). This method is being used in an ongoing study (by Mads Ammitzbøll Danielsen, PhD student) for monitoring treatment effect and for classification and predicting flare and remission. 


In an international collaboration, we have developed definitions for inflammation at insertion sites for tendon attachment to the bone (enthesitis) (Terslev L et al., 2013). ​

We are participating in the validation of ultrasonography in diagnosing and assessing dactylitis (sausage digit) in psoriatic arthritis (Bakewell CJ et al., 2013).

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