PhD studentTopicProject titlePlace of employmentSupervisors
Sacha SølbeckDabigatran and bleedingFunctional haemostatic monitoring of patient treated with dabigatranDept. of Clinical ImmunologyPär I Johansson, Project supervisor
Ronni R.PlovsingInflammationInflammatory Mechanisms in Critical Ill PatientsDept. of Clinical Immunology, Laboratory of Molecular MedicinePeter Garred, Kirsten Møller
Estrid HeinInnate ImmunityThe Lectin Pathway of ComplementDept. of Clinical Immunology, Laboratory of Molecular MedicinePeter Garred
Bibi F. Syed ShahPrognostic markers in Lymphoblastic leukaemia in childrenNew prognostic markers in acute lymphoblastic leukaemia in children: Dysfunctional signal pathways that influence leukemic cell growth and apoptosis including an investigation of immune competence throughout treatment.Dept. of Clinical Immunology Phone: (45) 35 45 76 31Hanne Marquart
Helene IngelsRecurrent invasive pneumococcalRecurrent invasive pneumococcal disease in children host factors and vaccine responseDept. of Microbiological Surveillance and Research, Neisseria and Streptococcus Reference Center, Statens Serum Institut, CopenhagenHanne Marquart
Cecilie JepsenTraumaEndothelial dysfunction in Traumatic Brain InjuryDept. of Clinical immunologyPär I Johansson,Project supervisor
Huma AftabTuberculosisTB and Diabetes in Pakistani PopulationDept. of Clinical Immunology, Laboratoryof Molecular MedicineIb Bybjerg, Peter Garred, Allan Vaag​