Observership in Surgical Pathology for students, residents and consultants

The department of Pathology, in keeping with its commitment to knowledge exchange, is pleased to provide an observership program for medical students, Surgical Pathology residents, and consultants in Surgical Pathology from around the world. 

This observership program offers two tracks which allow the individual student or physician to meet his/her educational needs. Visitors to the department may choose the "Physician Observer" track for residents and consultants in Surgical Pathology or the "Scholar" track for students. 

Please note that both these programs are observational tutorials which do not permit any direct patient care. Observers can expect 1 hour daily of individual education, typically at the microscope or the grossing table. Otherwise time is used for observing and self-study. 

To be accepted into the program you must have a good command of the English language. The duration of an Observership is 1-4 weeks, depending on the availability at the department.

Track One and Two: Physician Observership and Scholar Observership

  • Application requires one-two months for processing

  • See attached application for required supporting documents

  • At this time, there are no tuition fees for a clinical Observership

  • All expenses, incl. travel and housing are covered by the observers

  • Maximum visit duration: 1 month

Observers visiting for longer than two weeks are required to carry accident and sickness health insurance coverage. The application process begins once the potential observer submits his/her complete application (including all supporting documents) and an available date range has been identified with the CME Manager. The application and supporting documents are then forwarded for approval to the relevant responsible consultant of the areas of interest. Once accepted, a signed letter of acceptance is sent to the observer. Upon arrival, the observer meets with the consultant to discuss the program.

Download and fill out application

Thank you very much for your interest in the department of Pathology, Rigshospitalet. We are looking forward to your visit. 

Sincerely, Vera Timmermans,

MD, PhD, Head of dept. of Pathology
Dept. of Pathology, afsnit 5441
Blegdamsvej 9
2100 København/Copenhagen
Direct: +45 35455316

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