Rune V. Frandsen


Studying the correlation of Rem Sleep Behavior Disorder and Parkinsons Disease.

​​​Rem Sleep Behavior Disorder (RBD) is characterised by movement during REM sleep. During normal REM sleep the body is relaxed and rarely moves. Patients with RBD move more and verbalise more during there REM sleep, sometimes resulting in injuries to the patient or spouse. 

It is suspected that some patients with RBD have a higher risk of developing Parkinsons Disease. In patients with Parkinsons Disease movement during REM sleep is common.

We want to establish the connection between RBD and Parkinsons Disease.

Patients diagnosed with RBD and with PD will undergo night-time measurements to establish the level of movement during the night. The night-time measurements are done by the Danish Center for Sleep Medicine. To differentiate RBD patients at risk of developing Parkinsons Disease from RBD patients that are not at risk of developing Parkinsons disease want to use MRI to establish both structural changes and diffusion tension imaging changes.

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