Pelle Lau Ishøy

​​MD, PhD-student 

Affiliated to the Functional Imaging Unit via employment at Center for Neuropsychiatric Schizophrenia Research (CNSR) & Center for Clinical Intervention and Neuropsychiatric Schizophrenia Research (CINS). 

Investigator in a doubleblinded, randomized placebocontrolled study “Treatment of antipsychotic-associated obesity with a GLP-1-analogue” – The TAO study.  

The study aims to find a medical treatment against the pro-metabolic side effects and weightgain observed in antipsychotic-treated patients.

The TAO study investigates the physiological effects of the GLP-1-analoque (exenatide) in obese, nondiabetic schizophrenia patients. 

The primary endpoint is weight loss after 12 weeks treatment. Secondary endpoints comprise potential brain structural- and volumetric changes with hippocampus and striatum as regions of interest. Moreover changes in cerebral blood flow especially frontal cortex will be investigated and correlated to potential improvement in cognition. 

Responsible editor