Functional Imaging Unit

​The Functional Imaging Unit is an MR research unit located at Rigshospitalet - Glostrup, as a part of the Department of Clinical Physiology, Nuclear Medicine and PET.
As a research unit we have close links to the sections of Radiology, Clinical Physiology as well as Biochemistry. We are working closely with the Dep. of Neurology and the Psychiatric Centre.
  • The main research themes are 
  • Functional imaging and brain physiology 
  • Measurement of perfusion using MRI 
  • Neurovascular coupling and combined EEG-fMRI 
  • Application of  advanced MRI methods in clinical practice and research
  • The ageing brain
  • Cardiac functional imaging. 

Additionally, the collaboration with the clinical departments entails the application of advanced MRI and fMRI to large patient groups with neurological or psychiatric disease. 

See also a short description in danish​ (pdf, opens in a new tab)



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