Functional Imaging Unit

​The Functional Imaging Unit is an MR research unit located at Rigshospitalet - Glostrup, as a part of the Department of Clinical Physiology, Nuclear Medicine and PET.

As a research unit we have close links to the sections of Radiology, Clinical Physiology as well as Biochemistry. We are working closely with the Dep. of Neurology and the Psychiatric Centre.
  • The main research themes are 
  • Functional imaging and brain physiology 
  • Measurement of perfusion using MRI 
  • Neurovascular coupling and combined EEG-fMRI 
  • Application of  advanced MRI methods in clinical practice and research
  • The ageing brain
  • Cardiac functional imaging. 

Additionally, the collaboration with the clinical departments entails the application of advanced MRI and fMRI to large patient groups with neurological or psychiatric disease. 

 See also a short description in danish​ (pdf, opens in a new tab)

Contact us

Functional Imaging Unit
Department of Clinical Physiology and Nuclear Medicine
Nordre Ringvej 57
DK-2600 Glostrup

Henrik Larsson

​​Location at hospital

Enter through entrance 5, take elevators to the second floor and turn left.
MR scanner
Patients and volunteers coming to be scanned should contact the information desk at the Radiological Department. Enter through entrance 3 and take the stairs on the left to the 1st floor.

See a map of the hospital (pdf, opens in a new tab)


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