Thomas Levin Klausen

Name: Thomas Levin Klausen (e-mail)
Title: Cand. scient., Chief physicist

  • Chief physicist, Clinical Physiology Nuclear Medicine and PET, Copenhagen University Hospital
  • Teaching assistant, Faculty of Health Sciences, The University of Copenhagen

My research involves nuclear medicine, PET/CT, PET/MR and radionuclide therapy. Currently, the main focus is on optimizing PET/MR image quality with respect to attenuation, scatter correction and artifact reduction. On the nuclear medicine part, I am trying to assess the effect of CT contrast-enhancement on SPECT image quality and quantification following CT-based attenuation correction.

Radio nuclide therapy using 177Lu-DOTATATE is implemented in the clinic and I take part in research projects focusing on scan protocol optimization and different aspects of patient dosimetry. Finally, I am involved in the department's development and testing of new radioligands, again mainly focusing on dosimetry aspects.​

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