Barbara Malene Fischer

​Name: Barbara Malene Fischer (e-mail)
Title: MD,PhD, DMSc

  • Chief Physician, Dept. of Clinical Physiology, Nuclear Medicine and PET, Rigshospitalet
  • Associate Professor, Copenhagen University, Faculty of Health

Barbara Fischer is a medical doctor specializing in clinical physiology and nuclear medicine, including app. one year of training in clinical oncology. Since 2001 she has been doing research in the field of PET/CT and oncology, with a special focus on lung cancer diagnosing and staging.

Barbara Fischer's research in this field span from pre-clinical in-vitro studies to large scale randomized clinical trials. Henceforth Barbara Fischer continues her research in the field of nuclear medicine and oncology (especially lung cancer and head&neck cancer) but now with focus on radiotherapy planning, therapy evaluation, implementation of PET/MRI and procurement of new knowledge that can help bridging the gap between molecular biology, imaging and clinical practice.​

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