Annika Loft Jakobsen

Name: Annika Loft Jakobsen (e-mail)
Title: MD, PhD

  • Chief Physician at Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen University Hospital, Dep. of Clinical Physiology, Nuclear Medicine and PET
  • Chair of the Diagnostic Imaging Group under Danish Lymphoma Group (DLG)

Annika Loft is involved in teaching at many different national and international courses pre- and post graduate for medical doctors, technologists, radiographers and nurses. She is supervisor for several phd students. Responsible for the specialist course in oncology for nuclear medicine physicians.

She is a member of the “European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer” (EORTC), the Functional Imaging Group. Member of the EANM, AMI, BIR, Danish Society of Oncologial Radiology and Danish Society of Clinical Physiology and Nuclear Medicine.

Member of Regional Working Groups for implementation of clinical guidelines for: colorectal liver metastases, lymphoma, malignant melanoma, cancer of unknown primary, prostate, penile and testical cancer, and unknown cancer.

Member of National Working Groups for Lymphoma (Chair of the Diagnostic Imaging Group under Danish Lymphoma Group (DLG)) and pharyngeal/laryngeal cancer. Member of the Steering Group for Danish Liver and Biliary Cancer, DAPROCA (Danish Prostate Cancer Group) and board member of DGCG (Danish Gynecological Cancer Group).​

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