Department of Infection Control

The Department of Infection Control ensures that the hospital’s Infection Control Program is observed. 

This assignment primarily consists of the tasks mentioned below:

  • To give advice and educate the staff in questions of infection control.
  • To elaborate guidances and other kinds of printed information material about infection control.
  • To survey and give advice in case of outbreaks of diseases.
  • To register hospital acquired infections.
  • To survey the prevalence of resistent bacteria.
  • To survey the drinking water and other environmental tests.
  • To collaborate with other institutions in The Capital Region of Denmark and Danish authorities in matters of infection control.

​The Organization of Infection Control at Rigshospitalet

Rigshospitalet's Board of Mangement has the superior responsibility of the infection control area and it is the board's duty to pass on documents with infection control relevance from external authorities and organizations to The Infection Control Committee (Infektionshygiejnisk Udvalg).

The Department of Infection Control and the Infection Control Committee have been formed to assist the management system to implement the tasks described in the Infection control Program. Together with the management system they make Rigshospitalet's organization of infection control.

The Infection Control Committee

The Infection Control Committee organizes systems and work flows to ensure that the Program of Infection Control is updated, coordinated, implemented, and evaluated.

In charge of the Committee is Rigshospitalet's Board of Mangement. The Committee reports to the Quality Council, and is represented in the Quality Council by the chairman of the Committee.

Besides representatives from The Pharmacy of the Capital Region of Denmark, The Department of Quality Improvement of Rigshospitalet and The Department of Clinical Microbiology, the Committee consists of management representatives from the clinical and cross-disciplinary centers at Rigshospitalet.

Reduction of hospital acquired infections

In 2011 The Capital Region of Denmark made a task force with the purpose of reducing hospital acquired infections by 50%. Nine committees were created on the basis of selected infections. The coordination and the secretarial function are managed by The Centre of Diagnostic Investigation at Rigshospitalet.

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