Associate Professorship in Innate Immunity and Immunopharmacology concerned with the Active Ingredients of Chinese Medicine

​In collaboration with Rigshospitalet and China's Universities, Laboratory of Molecular Medicine, Department of Clinical Immunology Section 7631, will establish a research collaboration to investigate the immunological influences of the active ingredients of Chinese Medicinal Herbs on the innate immune system. 

As Associate Professor, PhD, Ying Jie Ma is responsible for establishing a research team to launch the projects with the competences in innate immunity and human diseases.

- As Associate Professor at Rigshospitalet, I am going to further promote our research activities with potential projects concerning study on the active ingredients of Chinese Medicinal Herbs for treatment of certain human diseases in collaboration with some of pharmaceutical institutions in China and with Prof. Peter Garred at Rigshospitalet, says Ying Jie Ma.

- The collaboration will greatly benefit both Rigshospitalet and China's higher education institutions, he says.

Ying Jie Ma is Chinese and has been working at Rigshospitalet for 10 years.

- I have mainly been dedicated to the field of innate immune defense mechanisms related to infection and inflammation with specific focus on complement activation and regulation. My primary research focus will be extended on investigations of the active ingredients of Chinese Medicinal Herbs especially on the innate immune machanisms and its potential therapeutic applications in treatment of certain human infectious and inflammatory diseases, with particular emphasis on genetics, biochemical properties, physiological functions and their clinical relevance, Ying Jie Ma explains. 

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