Consultant Zeynep Tümer

Consultant Zeynep Tümer

Zeynep Tümer, MD, PhD, DMSc is a senior researcher at the Kennedy Center, Department of Clinical Genetics, The Juliane Marie Centre, Copenhagen University Hospital, Rigshospitalet. Between 2008-2016 she has been professor of Applied Human Molecular Genetics at the Kennedy Center.

Her main research area is to identify genes and genetic/epigenetic mechanisms involved in monogenic and complex neurodevelopmental/neuropsychiatric disorders: e.g. cloning of the Menkes disease gene, ATP7A; elucidation of the role of DYRK1A in microcephaly; association of AADAC and IMMP2L in Tourette syndrome.  

The current research projects include:

  • Structural copy number variations and other genomic rearrangements underlying congenital developmental disorders
  • Identification of susceptibility genes in Tourette syndrome and co-morbidities (ADHD, OCD, Autism)
  • Imprinting disorders
  • Identification of new genes involved in intellectual disabilities; Cornelia de Lange syndrome and other cohesion deficiency disorders; Rett- syndrome and related disorders.


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