About Molecular Sleep Laboratory

​​The Molecular Sleep Laboratory is a research group located at Rigshospitalet -​ Glostrup.

​We are a mix of molecular biologists, biochemists, and medical doctors, and we perform translational research with techniques spanning from molecular biology over animal models to research using clinical samples. 

The goal of our research is to clarify how sleep and the immune system interact. Our current focus is on the autoimmune sleep disorder narcolepsy, where our goal is to find the cause of the disease and to develop new treatment strategies. Our research will lead to valuable knowledge about not only narcolepsy, but autoimmunity targeting neurons in general. 

The Molecular Sleep Laboratory is a part of the Clinical Biochemistry Section at the Department of Diagnostics, Rigshospitalet. We collaborate closely with the Danish Center for Sleep Medicine also located at Glostrup Hospital.

We have several both national and international collaborators on our different projects. Importantly we work closely with the Stanford Center for Sleep Sciences and Professor Emmanuel Mignot​.

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