About the Department of Clinical Biochemistry

The Department of Clinical Biochemistry at Rigshospitalet is one of the largest hospital laboratories in Denmark.
Staff from Department of Clinial Biochemistry looking in a microscope
The department contributes to diagnosis and control of patient treatment by measuring the concentration of relevant molecules in body fluids (blood, urine, spinal fluid) and by examining structural defects in the molecules. The latter is accomplished through analysis of, for example, DNA and protein structures.

The repertoire of analyses can be seen in the department’s Laboratory Guidelines, and the prices appear in the Price List.

The department is characterized by modern technology to ensure fast and reliable results of laboratory tests (approx. 5 million results per annum). The majority of the department’s staff is laboratory technologists who also take blood samples from the hospital patients.

Blood sampling from out-patients takes place at the department’s out-patients’ clinic.

In order to secure biochemical and technical development, and because the department is affiliated with the Copenhagen University, Department of Clinical Biochemistry has a research section with particular focus on cancer, neuropsychiatric and cardiovascular diseases. The overall aim of the research section is to improve insight in the pathogenesis and obtain faster and more accurate diagnoses.

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