Research equipment at the Bartholin Institute

We always welcome collaborations with national or international partners. We are also happy to share our equipment with other groups.
​Morten Dall analyzing gliadin fragments by HPLC​

Some of the facilities which we have are:

Molecular biology​

Q-RT PCR (se separate homepage). We rely on the Roche LightCycler.
Conventinal PCR (Strategene Robocycler)
Electrophoresis, UVP BioDOC-it imaging, siRNA experience


Scan, Diva, Canto etc for analysis and sorting

Protein laboratory

ELISA (Tekan Sunrise Instruments reader, Tetra microplate scanner, InterMed microplate washer),
Automated Western blotting equipment (Invitrogen)  


Capillary electrophoresis
Column chromatography

FACS unit

BD FACS Scan, Canto II, DIVA for analysis and sorting ,
Laser scanning cytometry (CompuCyte)  


Hamamatsu intensifies ICCD, MotionMonitor molecular tracking,
Inverted, fluorescence, laser dissection, phase contrast & digital microphotography  


Agilent 1100  


Histology laboratory (paraffin, freeze microtomy), immunohistochemistry, Dako autostainer 

Isotope laboratory

Cell harvester, beta-, gamma monitors and counters  


Spectophotometetry (Perkin-Elmer Lambda II, NanoDrop..)
Flourometry (Thermo Ascent Fluoroscan, Perkin Elmer HTS7000 Bioassay Reader)
Tissue culture
Animal facilities 


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