​​​​​Dorrit Krustrup and Kaare Engkilde performing multicolor FACS analyses on lymphocyte populations.

FACS Center

The center has a number of BD FACS analyzers and sorters.

For analysis, a BD FACS Scan, a Canto II and a LSR II are available (the latter is the property of the Finsen Institute). For sorting, a BD DIVA is in operation. Further, a Compucyte laser scan cytometer is available for scanning cells attached to a slide (culture cells or histological sections).

The heart of the BD FACS sorter: The nozzle providing the
80 um laminar water stream which breaks into droplets
at the bottom of the picture.​

FACS facility rules

1) Access is granted by sending an email to Christina Petersen Engmose at christina.engmose@sund.ku.dk containing your:

  • name
  • email
  • card no
  • expiry date

2) You need to have an instruction before operating the instruments.

3) Don’t book more time than needed

4) If you have booked time you dont need, please remember to cancel it

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