About the Centre of Diagnostic Investigation

​​The Centre of Diagnostic Investigation is a collection of six highly specialised departments working with laboratory analyses, image diagnostics, infection hygiene, donated blood and blood products as well as medical advice.​​
​​The Centre also has extensive research and development activities, and one of our core tasks is to provide training and further education for students and specialists, including medical specialists, laboratory technologists and radiographers.

Our ​ambitions

The best treatment needs the best diagnostics. Therefore, we supply investigations and advice at the very highest level.

Our ambition is to supply world-​​​class diagnostics. This means that we have: 

  • ​High-level research
  • Customised diagnostics and patient treatment
  • Strong educational environments

Our ​​​staff

We have more than 1,100 staff spread over different departments and the Centre Secretariat. The key to world-class diagnostics lies with these people and we have constant focus on a good working life with professional development, competent management and wellbeing.​​

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