Vascular Surgery​​​​​​

PhD student Topic Project title Place of employment Supervisors
Kim Bredahl​ Advanced ultrasound and EVAR follow-up Advanced ultrasound instead of CT for EVAR-follow-up Dept. of Vascular Surgery Henrik Sillesen, Jonas Eiberg
Benjamin Sandholt Carotid Atherosclerosis Significance of inflammation for thrombotic events in patients with Carotid Atherosclerosis – use of 3D Ultrasound Dept. of Vascular Surgery Henrik Sillesen, Anne Sofie Astrup
Lise Pyndt Measuring perfusion with micro lightguide spectrophotometry (O2C) Lower limb perfusion by micro lightguide spectrophotometry Dept. of Vascular Surgery Torben V. Schroeder, Jonas Eiberg
Kathrine Hoffmann Pii Patient-centred Prevention Responsibility Flows in Patient-centred Prevention Work Copenhagen Business School Signe Vikkelsø, Margit Roed  (Local supervisor)
Louise de la Motte Post operative inflammatory response The systemic inflammatory response following endovascular aortic repair Dept. of Vascular Surgery Lars lönn, Katja vogt, Torben V. Schroeder
Mette K. Flamand Smoking cessation Effect of smoking cessation on complications after vascular surgery Dept. of Vascular Surgery Torben V Schroeder, Hanne Tønnesen​