Centre for Physical Activity Research

​​Physical activity as part of the treatment for chronic disease is the focus of our research. We develop targeted training regimes for specific disease groups, test them in large patient groups and study the molecular effects in our laboratory.​​
​Centre for Physical Activity Research develops targeted exercise training regimes for specific disease groups by applying an unconventional strategy that we label: “from bedside to bench and back”. We will focus on chronic diseases with common treatment challenges, including type 2-diabetes, chronic obstructive lung disease and cancer. 

Testing of training regimes

Training regimes that demonstrate promising results in a laboratory setting will be further tested and developed in large patient groups in a model municipality before the optimal training mode is translated into relevant national health institutions. The organizational structure of the center will facilitate change of practice in a relatively short term. ​

Laboratory research

Muscle biopsies are obtained before and after training, and muscle stem cells are isolated from the biopsies from exceptionally well-phenotyped individuals, allowing us to create a biobank of human primary muscle cell cultures. The biobank will serve as a useful tool and a basis to unravel the mechanisms by which exercise influences muscle function, muscle-organ cross talk and disease outcome. The outcome from the molecular studies will be translated back to the patients and inspire the development of optimal exercise training modalities.

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