Porse Group

​​Cancer is a devasting disease targeting millions of people world-wide. In order to develop normal targeted therapies to combat cancer we need detailed understanding of the molecular mechanisms governing both the initiation and maintenance of cancer. Furthermore, to forward novel candidate targets for future drug development we also need to understand their function in the corresponding normal tissues.


​The Porse Group is part of the Section for stem and cancer stem cell biology.​​​​​

Research focus

Several cancers, including acute myeloid leukemias (AML), are maintained by Cancer Stem Cells (CSCs). Similar to normal stem cells, CSCs are able to self-renew and are thus the cells that need to be targeted in order to efficiently eradicate the disease. The focus of the Porse group is therefore to study cancer from a stem-cell centric viewpoint. Specifically, we address the molecular mechanisms governing both normal and malignant hematopoiesis with the aim to identify novel targets for future therapeutic intervention in patients suffering from AML.

Recent achievements

Key publications

Hasemann MS, Lauridsen FKB, Waage J, Jakobsen JS, Frank A-K, Schuster MB, Rapin N, Bagger FO, Hoppe PS, Schroeder T, Porse BT (2014) C/EBP​α Is Required for Long-Term Self-Renewal and Lineage Priming of Hematopoietic Stem Cells and for the Maintenance of Epigenetic Configurations in Multipotent Progenitors, PLoS Genet., 10, e1004079

Ohlsson E, Hasemann MS, Willer A, Lauridsen FKB, Rapin N, Jendholm J, Porse BT (2014) Initiation of MLL-rearranged AML is dependent on C/EBPα​. J. Exp. Med., 211, 5-13 

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Weischenfeldt J, Damgaard I, Bryder D, Theilgaard-Mönch K, Thoren LA, Nielsen FC, Jacobsen SE, Nerlov C and Porse BT (2008) NMD is essential for hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells and for eliminating by-products of programmed DNA rearrangements. Genes Dev., 22, 1381-1396

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