About the Department of Urology


The department comprises the following sections:

  • 2​114 wards (Cancer of bladder, cancer of kidney and kidney transplant team)
  • 2113 wards (Prostate cancer and penis/testis/retroperitoneal cancer team)
  • 2111 integrated outpatient departments

Our approach​

Treatment and care at the Department of Urology is organised in cross-disciplinary teams. The objective is to ensure that patients are treated and cared for at the highest professional level and that patients have contact with as few people from staff as possible, both as an outpatient and during admission. 

Key staff / Management

Malene Rohrsted
Head of Department
Tlf.: +45 3545 0571
Fax: +45 3545 2158
Elisabeth Lippert
Head Nurse
Tlf.: +45 3545 2719
Fax: +45 3545 2588

Responsible editor