About the Department of Surgical Gastroenterology

​The Department of Surgical Gastroenterology is a specialist department with 49 beds as well as a preliminary examination and aftercare outpatient department.


The department admits about 3,000 patients annually and provides about 5,000 services on an outpatient basis. The department has a comprehensive pregraduate and postgraduate teaching commitment.

Production (without children) 

The department has about 3,000 admissions, taking about 18,000 bed days with an average bed-duration of 6.5 days. The department performs about 1,500 operations, of which about 40 are liver transplants and about 45 donor operations (liver explantations -both at Rigshospitalet and other Danish hospitals).

The outpatient department has about 5,000 patients and performs about 1,000 smaller operations on an outpatient basis. 

Staff structure

The department has four levels of on-call physicians available, who also perform multiorgan removal:

  • physicians in introduction on call 
  • physicians on call from home 
  • senior registrars/senior house officers on call 
  • consultants on call for admitted and acute patients
  • consultant on call for organ removal
  • consultant on call for organ insertion

One consultant surgeon, two senior house officers and the senior registrar are included in the on call function for paediatric surgery. 

Physicians in introduction on call, physicians on call from home and senior registrars/senior house officers on call at the Department of Surgical Gastroenterology attend to and treat emergency-hospitalised children. The physician on call is informed as necessary and attends to and treats children if required.

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