Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia Laboratory

Combining translational, epidemiological and clinical research to develop individually tailored supportive care and CLL specific treatment.

Chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) is the most common leukemia in Western countries. The clinical course of CLL is highly heterogeneous. During the last decade, the treatment options for CLL has developed from single and combination chemotherapy to immune-chemotherapy and targeted agents, thereby significantly improving the outcome for patients. A more comprehensive approach to immune complications, treatment outcome, and disease outcome among patients with CLL is warranted. 

By capture of paraclinical, clinical and demographic data along with genetic and functional characterization of primary CLL cells in our laboratory, we assemble multidimensional data on patients with CLL through the PERSIMUNE platform. With this unique three-pronged setup (translational research, clinical trials and registry based "real world evidence"), we explore patterns predictive of treatment outcome, infectious complications and disease outcome upon specific treatment. 

By development of machine learning based algorithms in collaboration with DTU Compute, we aim for individually tailored CLL specific treatment and supportive care in CLL. By developing investigator-initiated, inter-group studies in collaboration between the Nordic, Hovon and German CLL study groups, we assure assessment of novel combination treatments for CLL and form a basis for testing individually tailored treatment in future clinical trials

Key results

With the B-cell receptor pathway as the core, our group has been part of a paradigm shift for treatment of CLL with novel targeted therapies developed also for patients with the most dismal outcome due to TP53 aberrations. With the parallel development of translational and experimental studies based on our own unique CLL biobank, CLL epidemiology studies based on the comprehensive Danish National CLL database, and CLL clinical inter-group trials, we have created a unique position for development of not only prognostic algorithms but also tailored novel treatment regimens, which can be prospectively validated via investigator-initiated clinical trials.


Carsten Utoft Niemann, MD, PhD, Principal Investigator, Head of CLL Laboratory, Chair of Nordic CLL Study Group


Christian H. Geisler, Prof Emeritus, MD

Clinical scientists

Caspar da Cunha-Bang, MD, PhD 

Fie Juhl Vojdeman, MD, PhD: currently Dept of Biochemistry, Bispebjerg Hospital

Rudi Agius Post. Doc. 

Christian Brieghel, MD, PhD: Herlev Hospital

Ph.D. candidates

Rebecka Svanberg, MD 

Emelie Hamotal Curovic Rotbain, MD

Mehdi Parvis, upcoming  PhD student

Tereza Faitová, upcoming PhD student


Former lab members

Rebecca XMS Valentin, MD

Michael Asger Andersen, MD

Kathrine Aarup

Noomi Vainer


Laboratory staff

Lone Bredo Pedersen, Scientific laboratory technician

Trine Enevoldsen, laboratory technician, in collaboration with the clinical trial unit

Jane Hinrichsen, laboratory technician, in collaboration with the clinical trial unit

Betina Gall, laboratory technician, in collaboration with the clinical trial unit

Louise Le Dous, laboratory staff

Marianne Blirup Jensen, laboratory staff


Research Associate:

Mette Højmose Thrane



  • Finn Cilius Nielsen, Prof, MD, PhD: Center for Genomic Medicine, Righospitalet.

  • Jens Lundgren, Prof, MD, PhD, PERSIMUNE: Department of Infection Medicine, Rigshospitalet.

  • Henrik Hjalgrim, MD, PhD, DMSc, SSI: Statens Serum Institut.

  • Matthew S. Davids, MD, PhD: Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, MA, USA

  • Adrian Wiestner, MD, PhD, NHLBI: National Institutes of Health, MD, USA

  • Arnon P Kater, Prof, MD, PhD, AMC: HOVON study group, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

  • Michael Hallek, Prof, MD, PhD: University of Cologne, German CLL study group, Cologne, Germany

  • Ole Winther, Prof, MSc: DTU, DTU Compute, Cognitive Science.

  • Anders Österborg Prof, MD: Nordic CLL study group:

  • Richard Rosenquist Brandell Prof, MD: Nordic CLL study group:

  • Sigrid Skånland, PhD: Department of Cancer Immunology, Oslo University Hospital

Clinical Trials

  • Chronic lymphocytic leukemia:
  • PreVent-ACaLL (recruiting), founding member, sponsor
  • Assure (recruiting)
  • CLL17 (planned), founding member
  • HOVON158, Next Step trial (planned)
  • Vision HO141 trial (completed), founding member
  • GAIA CLL13 trial (completed), founding member
  • CLL3011 GLOW (completed), founding member 
  • CLL14 (completed)
  • HOVON68 (completed), founding member
  • MURANO (completed)
  • PROLONG (completed), founding member

Mantle Cell Lymphoma:

  • Triangle (recruiting), responsible for laboratory analyses
  • Philemon (completed), responsible for laboratory analyses
  • Valeria (recruiting), responsible for laboratory analyses
  • Vision (recruiting), responsible for laboratory analyses


Selected publications

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