Teaching at The Department of Anaesthesiology Abdominal Centre


Medical pregraduate teaching
Prof. Niels Secher and Thomas Kistorp and Tatiana Nielsen, lecturers at the Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Copenhagen

Medical postgraduate teaching
Prof. Niels Secher, Henning Bay, MD, DMSc

Anesthesia specialist training programme
Birgitte Ruhnau, MD
Irina Kridina, MD
Tatiana Nielsen, MD
Robertas Martusevicius, MD​​​

​Medical post graduate courses

PhD course: Integrative Human Cardiovascular ControlAim and Content: 
This course covers important theoretical and practical aspects of methods in integrative human cardiovascular studies. The purpose is to provide the participants with knowledge of advantages and pitfalls of these methods, during morning lectures, and to demonstrate methods and allow participants hands-on experience, during afternoon practical sessions. Complete course program: dacra.ku.dk

Organizer Prof. Niels Secher
The Danish Cardiovascular Research Academy and Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Copenhagen​​​
  • ​Nursing - postgraduate teaching
  • Marianne Friberg, CRNA, MCN
  • Peter Nissen, CRNA, Research Nurse
  • Iben Kragh, CRNA
  • Ken Bjørnholdt, CRNA
  • Dorthe Benzon Madsen, RN
  • Bente Buch, RN

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