PhD student​ Topic Project title Place of employment Supervisors
Rune B. Strandby Perioperative fluid balance Perioperativ væskebalance Rigshospitalet Lars Bo Svendsen, Niels H. Secher
Joao Martins De Mattos Cerebral Blood Flow Intravenous vitamin C prevents isocapnic hyperoxi-induced regional and global cerebral hypoperfusion Rio, Fluminense Federal University, Brazil Antonio C. Nobrega ( Niels H. Secher)
Marianne Agerskov
Anesthesiology Perfusion index in perioperative haemodynamic monitoring Hvidovre Hospital Nicolai B. Foss (Niels H. Secher)
Kim Z Rokamp Cardiovascular physiology A genetic aspect on cardiovascular regulation in humans. Rigshospitalet
Niels V. Olesen, Niels H. Secher
Tanja Mijacika Cardiovascular physiology Distribution of blood volume during breat hold University of Split, Croatia Zeljko Dujic,(Niels H. Secher)
N. Arngrim Neurology Migraine induced by hypoxia: an MRI spectroscopy and angiography study.(Glostrup). Rigshospitalet
M. Ashina (Niels H. Secher)
Laura Oberholzer Cardiovascular physiology Targeting arterial stiffness with exercise training in heart failure patients with preserved ejection fraction: The effect on blood volume. Rigshospitalet Carsten Lundby, Niels H. Secher
Mia Midtgaard Kolmos Cognitive function and cerebrovascular reactivity in small vessel disease stroke during exercise. Herlev Hospital Christina Rostrup Krause (Niels H. Secher)
Kristin Steinthorsdottir Anesthesiology The effect of high-dose glucocorticoid on acute postoperative complications. Rigshospitalet Eske Kvanner Aasvang
Camilla Haahr Anesthesiology Continuous monitoring and prediction of severe postoperative complications. Rigshospitalet Eske Kvanner Aasvang