Departments at the Abdominal Centre

As a part of the Abdominal Centre, the Department of Anaesthesiology provides anaesthesia and surgical assistance as well as post-operative care for patients undergoing major vascular surgery, major gastrointestinal and urological surgery.

The Department of Endocrinology has a highly specialised function in the specialist area endocrinology. ​

The department provides care for patients with gastrointestinal disease requiring medical treatment. The main area of focus is intestinal failure, home parenteral nutrition and inflammatory bowel disease.  The department also has research activities related to this clinical activity. The department is a referral centre, taking in patients from the eastern regions of Denmark.​
The Department of Hepatology treats patients with acute and chronic liver diseases, specialises in medical liver diseases and diagnoses patients for liver transplants. Research at the Department of Hepatology is focused on acute and chronic liver failure as well as chronic liver diseases.​

The Department of Intensive Care (4131) at Rigshospitalet is a tertiary and multidisciplinary department treating both children and adults. We receive patients for postoperative care after complex surgical procedures such as solid organ transplantation and reconstructive cancer surgery. 

The Department of Nephrology treats all aspects of acute and chronic kidney diseases and kidney failure, working to  prevent renal diseases and performing all aspects of dialysis. The department is largely involved in kidney transplants in children and adults in collaboration with the Department of Paediatrics and the Department of Urology. The department’s clinical and research experience and extent of treatment provide ​a valuable basis for development of new treatments and research. 
The Department of Surgical Gastroenterology offers diagnostic and therapeutic surgical/gastrointestinal services to patients in the Capital Region of Denmark admissions area for the department’s specialist areas, as well as to several Zealand hospitals and hospitals on Bornholm, the Faeroe Islands and Greenland as well as to other departments at Rigshospitalet. ​​

The Department of Urology is responsible for highly specialised treatment of all types of cancer of the urinary tract, including medical treatment of prostate cancer. 

​The Department of Vascular Surgery is among the largest vascular clinics in Europe. Our experience and volumes of treatment are considerable, providing a valuable base for development of new treatments and basic research.​