Teaching at The Department of Hepatology

​Postgraduate offer and Intensive specialist education programme for nursing staff


​A two-year programme, starting with 7 weeks of theory in the education and training department and ending with a theory test.​​

This is followed by practical training in another intensive department for 12 weeks, and 6 weeks in a recovery department. 

The programme is completed with the student preparing a clinical assignment.

Course Manager
Lise Wolder
Director of Education and Training
Tel: +45 3545 7202
Postgraduate function
The department participates in the postgraduate medical programme.
Mette Rye Clausen
Doctor Med., consultant, DMSc'​
​Pregraduate function - Students
The department regularly trains medical students, medical secretary students, student nurses and social and health assistant students at all levels.

The department aims at a high professional level that complies with students’ skills and qualifications. 
​Medical students
The department teaches medical students in internal medicine, hepatology and treatment of toxicology.​

Clinical Associate Professor 
Mette Kjær, PhD, Consultant

Medicine at the University of Copenhagen
Student nurses
Student nurses and social and healthcare assistant students 

Lotte Hørby, Clinical Specialist Nurse

Responsible editor