The Department of Hepatology

​​The Department of Hepatology treats patients with acute and chronic liver diseases. The department is third refferel center for patients with liver diseases requiring specialist intensive care in Denmark.​ The department has it´s own liver intensive care unit.


The Department of Hepatology receives patients with severe, rare or unresolved acute and chronic liver diseases and evaluates patients for liver transplant.

Functions and treatments

  • Treatment of patients with acute liver failior.
  • Act on chronic liver failior.
  • Treatment of all liver diseases where the standard treatment has failed.
  • Evaluation of patients for livertransplant.
  • Treatment of complications in cirrhosis (portal hypertension with varicose bleeding), ascites, coma hepaticum and hepatorenal syndrome.
  • Treatment of fulminant liver failure.
  • Diagnostic evaluation and treatment of rare, congenital diseases.
  • Medical treatment and diagnostic evaluation of liver cancer.
  • Check-up of the above patient groups on an outpatient basis.
The ward on 3163 has room for 13 medical and 5 intensive patients. This includes 4 beds for liver failures, where patients can be treated with liver replacement, continuous dialysis, respirator and supporting treatment of the circulatory system. 

The patients requiring most treatment and care are admitted to this ward. The outpatient department is on 2121 and is for patients with chronic liver diseases including hepatitis B and C.

​The staff

We are 7 consultants specialized in hepatology, 30 nurses where 18 are intensive care unit nurses, one social and health assistant, one service employee and 4 secreta​ries.​​
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