Current projects at the Department of Gastroenterology


Studies on the effect of intestinal growth factors:

  1. The effect of Glucagon-Like peptide type 2 analogues on intestinal function in patients with intestinal failure. Palle B. Jeppsen
  2. Studies on the intestinal effect of short-term provision of colostrum. Pernille LundII

Studies on metabolic bone disease
 in patients with intestinal failure. Effects of bisphosphonate therapy. Kent V. Haderslev

Studies on vitamin D treatment in patients with Crohn’s disease. Ida Gottschalck

Epidemiology and complications in HPN patients. Formation of a database including all patients treated at home with parenteral nutrition since 1970, at present a database is hosted locally, but the aim is to include all Danish patients. Palle B. Jeppesen

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