About Department of Gastroenterology

​​The department provides care for patients with gastrointestinal disease requiring medical treatment.​​


The main area of focus is intestinal failure, home parenteral nutrition and inflammatory bowel disease.  The department is a referral centre, taking in patients from the eastern regions of Denmark. 

Clinical activities

The clinic has a long history in managing intestinal failure patients, who temporally or permanently have lost bowel function. The department is a referral centre taking in patients from the eastern regions of Denmark.

Multidisciplinary approach 

A team that offers a professional and multidisciplinary approach to patients with intestinal failure requiring parenteral or enteral nutrition for longer periods, staffs the unit. 
We perform a nutritional assessment, design the nutrition regime and manage metabolic derangement, fistula/wound and stoma related issues. For the patients with chronic intestinal failure, we continue to offer support for education and training with nutritional support at home, home parenteral nutrition (HPN).

Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)

Also this unit has a long history evaluating and taking care of patients with inflammatory bowel disease, primarily patients who present with severe complications, fistula etc.
The unit has close collaboration with the department of surgical gastroenterology at Rigshospitalet.

Location and staff

The ward is located at 3124 and houses 30 beds, secretarial staff and the office of the head nurses.
Our laboratory is at 2101, staffed by 3 technicians, and with facilities for research activities and routine examinations in the evaluation of intestinal function and bone density measurements.
The outpatient clinic is located at 3164. 

The department is staffed by

6 consultants
3 senior fellows
4 residents
1-2 research fellows
1 head nurse
3 staff nurses
30 clinical nurses, technicians, a secretary and administrative staff.

We discharge 1,000 patients annually, and see 2,500 patients annually in the outpatient clinic.

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