SquintScope innovation model


Our projects and partnerships

We create a united innovation effort across Rigshospitalet's highly specialized centres, and invite external stakeholders to collaborate on the development of future treatment.


We call this effort Innovation PLUS - because we know great results only are achieved when we reach out and let others be part of the equation. 

We, therefore, invite patients, health professionals, the business community, knowledge institutions, interest organizations, municipalities, and regions to join our work in the Innovation Unit.

If you are interested in accelerating future healthcare solutions to benefit patients globally together with Rigshospitalet, t​hen reach out and let us begin our new partnership tomorrow.


Innovation projects ​​

At Rigshospitalet, we are constantly working to improve patient care and find solutions to the health challenges of the future. We work across research, industry, patients, healthcare professionals, and other stakeholders who can contribute to supporting innovation and development in the hospital.

Below is a selection of the innovation projects that we are working on right now.​

Innovation project​

WARD 24/7

Wireless monitoring with artificial intelligence alerts patients to suspected complications. The WARD 24/7 project revolutionizes how to monitor patients who are at risk of serious complications due to surgery or medical illness.

Specifically, patients are being fitted with small wireless meters that collect information about the condition of the body - such as blood pressure, respiration, and other vital measurements 24/7. Newly developed algorithms form an artificial intelligence that can detect the first signs of dangerous situations. Alarms are sent to healthcare professionals' smartphones so they can quickly take action in the event of any danger.

The technology monitors patients and alerts staff more quickly when a patient shows signs of early complications. The wireless measuring equipment in the system also gives otherwise bedridden patients  the freedom to move around. Using the WARD 24/7 allows staff to use their time for other tasks than monitoring.

Innovation project​​

Babylance 2.0

Photo: mobile intensive care unit 2022
Mobile intensive neonatal ward to ensure emergency treatment of the most seriously ill children in all of Denmark.

Rigshospitalet's Neonatal Department ensures the highest quality intensive care for Denmark's most seriously ill children - no matter where in the country they are. The department has done this by developing a mobile intensive care unit, which brings experts and highly specialized treatment to the child, thus ensuring a smooth transition to Rigshospitalet.

T​he mobile intensive care unit of the future will offer the best conditions for the care and treatment of seriously ill newborns and small children. The "babylance" will secure top-class safety and a child- and family-friendly environment that adapts to the individual patient, It also means that the family can stay together during transport.​

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