The Innovation Unit

Our Innovation Unit consists of 17 committed innovation consultants, who have worked with design, innovation, anthropology, business development, communication, and partnerships for much of their professional lives. 

Henning Langberg, MD and MBA
Head of Rigshospitalet's Innovation Unit 

Henning Langberg has worked as a bridge-builder for more than ten years, building links between the public health service and the private business community. 

In recent years, he has built up Rigshospitalet's Innovation Unit, with focus on both strategic and demand-driven innovation and with the involvement of strategic partnerships within the industry. 

Previously, Henning Langberg was the director of the Copenhagen Healthtech Hub and the partnership “Data Redder Liv” under the business fund Copenhagen Capacity. In addition, Henning Langberg is a long-term researcher and professor at the University of Copenhagen. 

Entrepreneurship​ and innovation have been a recurring theme in Henning Langberg's career: He has founded several research units and successfully converted ideas and research results into innovative solutions and products, many of which have spun out as startups and patents.

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