​Rigshospitalet in the future

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Rigshospitalet is a highly specialised hospital for all of Denmark, with treatment, research, innovation and training at international level. Working with international healthcare stakeholders, Rigshospitalet contributes to developing the overall healthcare system so that all patients, irrespective of the rarity or complexity of their illness, receive high-quality treatment. 



To benefit the individual patient and the overall healthcare system!

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Strategy for the four indicators in the vision

Value for the patient

Strategy for patients and relatives

​​Lack of evidence and obstacles to understanding which specific service provides the best quality of life for the individual patient is a great challenge in the Danish healthcare system. We need a new mindset in which we give individual clinics responsibility for, in close dialogue with the patient, managing and prioritising for the patient's best interests and to safeguard the rights of the patient



Strategy for treatment, research, innovation and education

Relationships across the Danish healthcare system must be strengthened. We are connected by a common duty towards the individual patient, but we have major challenges in ensuring that citizens outside the largest towns and cities have the services they actually need. We must break with the narrow-minded approach, we must share knowledge and competences, establish combination positions, and joint on-call services, and we must support digital connectedness across the healthcare system​​


Strategy for staff and management

The greatest challenge in the Danish healthcare system is the lack of qualified labour. We believe that empowering individual managers and employees to take meaningful decisions locally can create attractive working communities in which individual clinics take responsibility for patient treatment, and in which self-organisation, innovative solutions and new competences contribute to a sustainable healthcare system.


Strategy for partnerships and cooperation

Increasing demand for healthcare services is putting pressure on the healthcare system. We have a responsibility to ensure that the Danish healthcare system is an attractive cooperation partner internationally. The objectives are to ensure that individual patients can be confident that the Danish healthcare system delivers robust services of international quality, and to ensure that the Danish healthcare system is an attractive workplace and cooperation partner for international healthcare players.​ 

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- related to specific tasks at Rigshospitalet:
(supplement the joint regional)


From diagnosis, to treatment and care, to prevention and palliative care, we strive to provide a gentle, caring and meaningful service adapted to the individual patient. We support the entire patient pathway; not only the part at Rigshospitalet. 


Shared ownership 

We believe in shared ownership within the Danish healthcare system, such that the task of being a clinical and research powerhouse is performed through a natural community with colleagues across Denmark, and such that we commit each other to helping provide the right service as close as possible to the patient.​ 


We want to fuel, shape and accelerate a digital and technological transformation, in which value for the patient is both the outset and the goal. We facilitate and participate in international cooperation to contribute to a world-class Danish healthcare system. We establish partnerships with knowledge institutions and industry to develop and implement innovative solutions, new competences and new working methods. 


Rigshospitalet is driven by an ambition to excel for the individual patient and the overall healthcare system. We always do our utmost and strive for the best. We work to ensure that the healthcare system is evidence-based and sustainable.​ 

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