Operationsstuens Black Box

Et forsknings- og udviklingsprojekt, der skal optimere sikkerheden og forbedre arbejdsgange på operationsstuen ved hjælp af hidtil utilgængelige (big) data.

Operationsstuens Black Box udvikles i et samarbejde mellem Juliane Marie Centret, Børneriget og St. Michael's Hospital, University of Toronto, Canada.  som et pilotprojekt på en gynækologisk operationsstue på Rigshospitalet. 

I første omgang skal OR-Black Boxen bruges som et forsknings- og udviklingsprojekt, og testes i denne funktion på gynækologisk operationsstue i et pilotprojekt på Rigshospitalet. Med årene er målet at udbrede konceptet til andre kirurgiske og anæstesiologiske specialer på Rigshospitalet og andre steder i Danmark.

Du kan læse mere om projektet på OR-Black Box' egen hjemmeside. 

English summary

The operation room is a hazardous environment. Up to 50% of adverse events in the hospital setting happen in the operation room. Compared with other high-risk industries, like the airline industry, which has increasing activity with decreasing menacing events, we have not yet been able to significantly reduce intraoperative events. 

We therefore want to mimic the airline approach by collecting prospective data and analyze all facets of the operation room. 

This is now possible with the Canadian developed Operating Room Black Box, which is a platform that real time continuously acquires various intraoperative data feeds, like audio-visual data, physiological parameters from both patient and staff, distractions in the room, non-technical skills, and analyzes these concurrently.

From 2020 to 2025 the gynecological operation ward at the Juliane Marie Center, Rigshospitalet will participate in a pilot project involving implementation of an Operating Room Black Box in one operating room. The project will generate minimum ten subproject with difference surgical aspects. The overall goal is to increase safety and decrease fatal surgical events. This will be done in international collaboration by compilation of big data that will identify the complexity of factors during surgery.

For further information about the project, please see our website or contact the project group:

Jeanett Strandbygaard
Junior consultant, PhD, post doc. Principal investigator

Jette Led Sørensen
Professor, head of project