Why we build

The Juliane Marie Center for Children and Families is one of the best and worst departments at Rigshospitalet. Professional competency, research and patient treatment are already world-class. But the facilities leaves much to be desired.

​Ten clinics, four Global Excellence centres, ten cross-disciplinary units and five knowledge centres are housed in nine different buildings. Patients and staff strive to provide coherent patient treatment and security in run-down buildings that are hopelessly outdated in terms of technology and logistics.

We have examined children’s needs, absorbed the very best knowledge and practices from hospitals around the world and are now in a position to build a hospital that integrates play throughout the treatment process. Children find peace and security through play. Like their healthy peers, children and adolescents who are hospitalized for long periods develop their social and motor skills through learning and play, enabling them to return more quickly to daily life following recovery.

With the new hospital building ‘BørneRiget’ we will document how and why we can offer a far superior service and show that it is possible to create a new world-class hospital building based on professionalism, human values and technological excellence.

Feasibility study sho​​ws the way

A thorough feasibility study has identified what it takes to build a world-class hospital for children, young people and women giving birth.

The preliminary analysis included:

  • Mapping of existing patient pathways
  • Recommendations from clinical experts
  • Design of future user experience
  • Exchange of experience with leading children's hospitals in the world

Read the feasibility study (pdf, opens in a new tab).