​Storytelling of a new hospital for children, adolescents and women in labour.

It is the present generation that will decide the future of those to come 

Children and adolescents. Parents and pregnant women. Those are the ones we build for. And we do it well knowing that the only sure thing we know about the future is the fact that it will not become the way we imagine it.  

Yet, we do know that our current facilities are inadequate for today’s modern society. That the existing physical facilities pose a barrier to continuous development of our internationally recognized expertise. 

This applies in the case of both the medical treatment and the opportunity to treat children – as children. Allowing them to play through varying degrees of serious illnesses. Because children learn and live by playing. Also when they are ill. 

Right now, we can use this knowledge to build a better foundation for future treatments. In a building able to implicate the most present-day knowledge on healing architecture. A building that invites playfulness, co-operation and development. 

It is not simply a matter of architecture. Culture is just as important. A culture that builds on the child’s approach to the world. The child’s curiosity and desire to learn is the fundament for our research. The joy of creating together, sharing ideas and discoveries are the principle of our knowledge sharing. And the child’s need of care and security is the underlying basis of our patient treatment. 

Some would call it a world-class children’s hospital – but the vision is even greater than that. We strive to create a framework for treatment of children, adolescents and families around the country, which is just as playful as it is learning. We will pay equal attention to the child’s needs as to the needs of the system. We will combine research, education and medical treatment into interacting entities. We will share everything we know, but first and foremost, we will share everything we discover.