​Accordi​ng to the plan 'BørneRiget' will be ready in 2025.​

Above you can see the general timeline for project BørneRiget. Download the timeline.

In 2024 staff and patients will begin to use the building. But beforehand, architects, designers, engineers and project team has worked hard for approximately eight years with development, construction and preparation of the building. This work can be summed up into four phases:


The project competition for drawing BørneRiget started the 15th of June 2016.

First of all, 6 teams of architects, engineers and others specialists was selected. These 6 teams competed for winning the task to draw the building. The teams started drawing in the fall of 2016.

The winners, 3XN, Arkitema, NIRAS and Kristine Jensens Tegnestue was selected in the fall of 2017. 


It takes about two years to draw the 60.000 m2 building. It takes place in several stages, where the project gradually becomes more and more detailed. The first stage of the drawing phase has an intense involvement of all kinds of users; patients, relatives, staff and specialists within design, technical and logistical fields.

At the same time, architects and engineers are describing the solutions in detail, and together with the users assuring that the solutions support the actual needs. In the last stages of the drawing phase architects and engineers work over the whole project, based on all the knowledge they have extracted from the users. 

Construction – 4 years

Almost four years have been scheduled for the construction phase in itself. The four years include both tenders and selection of the contractors who are going to construct and handle the build. The first time on the construction site will be used for installing cranes and rigging, without much visible activity. After a year's time everything start to move very fast, when concrete slabs and façade elements are installed. The final stages of the build will primarily take place indoors, again without much visible progress. 


In this context, preparation means installing and testing equipment in operating rooms, furnishing rooms and setting up technical equipment, testing elevators and machines for managing logistics, so everything is ready to receive patients, relatives and staff members.

In the preparation period the staff will also train workflows in the building. Both in terms of knowing where CLEAN and DIRTY is placed, how you move about within the building and being prepared for different everyday routines as well as urgent and less urgent situations.

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When the project competition is settled, it is on this site that you will find a more detailed timeline for the entire project.