The flexible operating room

​The 13 newly built operating rooms in the operations section of BørneRiget will be divided between all surgical specialties at Rigshospitalet, thus forming the framework for a wide range of operative interventions. The project describes the basis and content.

Time horizon

  • Start-up: February, 2017
  • Completion: September, 2017


A working group has been set up, whose task it is to describe the basis and content of one or more flexible standard operating rooms, which together can handle the operating activity at BørneRiget.
Flexibility should be understood as meaning that the space of the operating room, access to secondary room, accommodation, supplies, equipment and furnishing is designed so that the room can easily be used for as many operations as possible in the day-to-day running without prior changes.
In addition, the group will describe trends and future methods of surgical treatment that the working group considers plausible and which will affect the requirements for the design and furnishing of the operating rooms in the future.
The room's accommodation concerns armament with surfaces, fixtures and lighting, etc.
The room’s supplies cover communication, water, gases, electricity, etc. in and out of the room. The room's equipment includes medico-technical equipment, for instance automatic control devices and removable inventory. The room's layout deals with the location of all elements in the room.
The group's work ended on September 1st, 2017, while further work with the operating rooms continues in a different context.

The project’s work group

Project consultants for the working group are architect, Naja Lynge Rasmussen, architect, Toke Bie Laugesen, logistics consultant, Kristian Bille, economist, Franciska Holm Hansen and project secretary, Mads Lund Vestergaard.

The working group also consists of representatives from the following centres and clinics:

JMC Anaesthesiology Torsten Lauritsen Ledende overlæge
JMC Anaesthesiology Lisbeth Jørgensen Ledende oversygeplejerske
JMC Anaesthesiology Ann Pernille Lohse Ledende oversygeplejerske
JMC Anaesthesiology Amalie Timber Operationssygeplejerske
HOC Orthopaedic Surgery Erik Michael Darre Ledende overlæge
HOC Orthopaedic Surgery Tobias Nygaard Overlæge
HOC Ophthalmology Morten Dornonville de La Cour Ledende overlæge
HOC Plastic Surgery, Breast Surgery and Burn TreatmentMichael Vestergaard Thomsen Ledende overlæge
HOC Plastic Surgery, Breast Surgery and Burn Treatment Jeanette Transø Operationssygeplejerske
HOC Otorhinolaryngology Thomas Hjuler Overlæge
HOC Anaesthesiology Morten Bøttger Overlæge
HOC Orthopaedic Surgery Malene Miszczuk Marquard Operationssygeplejerske
Gastroenterology Jens Hillingsø Ledende overlæge
CKOGastroenterology Inge Boetker Rasmussen Ifaoui Overlæge
HJE Cardiothoracic Surgery Morten Helvind Overlæge
HJE Anaesthesiology Jens Christian Nilsson Overlæge
NEU Neuroanaesthesiology Birgitte Marie Bonne Schousboe Overlæge
NEU Neuroanaesthesiology Kim Garde Overlæge
NEU ​ClinicLars Bøgeskov Overlæge


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Project Officers

Further information can be obtained from architect, Naja Lynge Rasmussen and project secretary, Mads Lund Vestergaard.