​The working group's task is to describe a future PICU (Pediatric Intensive Care Unit) at Rigshospitalet that gathers all children between ages 0 and 18 years who are in need of intensive care.

Time horizon 

  • Start-up: January 2017 
  • End: Consecutive 


With the establishment of BørneRiget we will gather all children between ages 0 and 18 years in need of intensive care in a new paediatric intensive care unit. Grouping all children into a paediatric intensive care centre will allow Rigshospitalet to strengthen the treatment of  the most complex patient types because all specialities will be represented – both paediatric specialists and basic specialists – while maintaining close links with the adult specialities at the main hospital.The families will simultaneously experience simpler procedures, since the specialists will come to the child – not the other way around. 

By gathering the children in need of intensive care we will contribute to a more structured and specialised educational environment that additionally contributes to the development of the specialist fields and specialist degrees within the subject area of pediatric intensive care.  

The admission procedures are demanding and oftentimes lengthy for the child and family, after treatments can be comprehensive and rehabilitation and compliance play an essential role for the child’s health, well-being and survival. 

As the only hospital in Denmark, Rigshospitalet represent highly specialised surgery on children and adolescents within all areas of specialisation. Concentration of expertise and professional competences in the new building will not only ensure internationally acknowledged treatment of critically ill children and adolescents – it will also ensure a unique and coherent procedure for the children and their families in a family-friendly environment, both during and after the admission. 

Integration of research, development and educational environments opens up entirely new possibilities for innovative development of new knowledge close to the clinical practise and the patients. A common PICU is an essential part of this vision. 

With the participation of experts from all centres at Rigshospitalet, a working group has described the content of the pediatric intensive care unit’s function. The report is available in the section below. 

The work to concretise the content will continue over the coming years.  

Project managers 

Further information can be obtained from Birgitte Enslev Jensen