OR-Black Box

​OR-Black Box (Operating Room Black Box) is an instrument designed to detect system failures and reveal the need for organizational changes in the operating room through feedback and education.

Time horizon

  • The project is in the start-up stage


The OR-Black Box concept was developed at St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto in collaboration with Air Canada with the purpose of making surgery more safe.
OR-Black Box is a technological platform that records multiple data sources, such as video, audio, patient physiology, software output from surgical instruments and several other sensors. Subsequently, algorithms in automated learning and artificial intelligence are developed and used to identify security risks.

Against this, education initiatives can be developed with a view to:
  1. Minimize technical errors and unintended occurrences
  2. Improve team performance: communication, management and situational awareness as well as
  3. Optimize the working environment.

OR-Black Box is globally being implemented at several hospitals in North America, South America and Europe. The project is being carried out in collaboration with Professor Teodor Grantcharov, Canada Research Chair in Surgical Safety.

Research and testing of OR-Black Box

At Rigshospitalet, in the Gynaecological Clinic at the Juliane Marie Centre, we will in a pilot phase implement an OR-BlackBox in a gynaecological operating room.
Based on the pilot test, we will analyse facilitating factors and barriers for implementation in this project as well as ethical, medicolegal, technical aspects and employee and patient perspectives.
Subsequent analyses will lead to proposals for education initiatives and quality improvement initiatives. The work with OR-Black Box will be research-based and we plan to involve PhD students.


The perspectives are to further develop and integrate the OR Black Box in paediatric surgery, delivery rooms and emergency rooms at BørneRiget.

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More information please contact:

Jeanett Strandbygaard, PhD., MD, staff specialist, post.doc

Jette Led Sørensen, MD, MMEd, PhD Professor, Consultant ObGyn

Bent Ottesen, Medical Chief, Copenhagen Children's Hospital (BørneRiget), Professor, Med.Sc.D

Nynne Dose, MD