Logistical concept

​The sub-project concerning the concept of logistics aims to ensure that all flows at BørneRiget will be as effective and well-functioning as possible. The project is primarily about supply and equipment logistics but it also concerns the flow of personnel, patients and relatives.

​Time horizon

  • Start-up: January 2017 
  • End: Consecutive 


The primary delivery is a supply concept that describes how the logistics support BørneRiget’s design principles in the best possible way while the chosen solutions at the same time allow for the clinical personnel to focus on their main tasks being: treatment, research and education. 

The project is carried out in co-operation with the region’s Unit of Logistics and Supply under Centre for Real Estate. The reasoning behind this co-operation is the wish to be part of creating and implementing a future-oriented solution within hospital logistics, which in the long term can be applied across the region’s hospitals. The project is furthermore carried through in close co-operation with the clinical departments, which will be part of BørneRiget and Rigshospitalet’s Service Centre. 

Project managers 

Further information can be obtained from Kristian Bille.