Healthy building

​BørneRiget will be schooled within the field of maintaining everyday life – even when you are hospitalized. Therefore, it is important to move, eat and sleep well.

Time horizon

  • Start-up: 01.06.17
  • Completion: Consecutive

Background and purpose

BørneRiget will be schooled within the field of maintaining everyday life – even when you are hospitalized. We must eliminate the feeling that life comes to a standstill, while you are hospitalized. The world outside and the world inside must keep step. We are therefore working to make it possible to continue everyday routines and activities when you are hospitalized in BørneRiget with the sub-project "Healthy building".

The project "Healthy building" consists of three parts:
  1. Sleep & Light
  2. Movement
  3. Food & meals

Project Sleep & Light should optimize the conditions for a good sleep for patients, relatives and staff and provide us with new knowledge about the patients' sleep patterns at the hospital. By allowing practice to inform health data, knowledge from qualitative and quantitative studies, we will optimize the design and framework of the good sleep with a view to support treatment, well-being and healing.

A literature study on sleep at hospitals shows that the hospital environment may cause the patient to not get the amount of sleep that is needed. Different studies show that when a child is hospitalized, the bedtime is significantly later than when the child is at home and the child loses 20-25% of the expected sleeping time. This is due to the fact that it takes longer to fall asleep, there are more and longer periods of night awakening and earlier awakening in the morning.

Project Sleep and Light has in 2017 re-visited data from the 2014 analysis as well as supplemented with interviews with staff and families and a questionnaire.
The analysis suggests that it is not only light, sound and other physical elements that are perceived as disturbing or have an encouraging effect on the amount and quality of sleep. The behaviour of the staff is also considered to have an impact on the families, both in terms of being / not being confidence-building for the families as well as in terms of clarity in policies regarding the relationship between staff and family. Is it okay, for example, to leave the child with the staff for all or part of the night?
Project Movement must provide the optimal opportunities for BørneRiget to inspire and support patients, families and staff to be physically active. Today, many patients and families experience that they are "locked" to their bay rooms with limited opportunities to exercise and move around. Inactivity contributes to the feeling of an everyday life that has come to a standstill, but can also have serious subsequent consequences for both patients and their families who are in danger of months of inactivity. Project Movement will optimize the opportunity to be physically active at the level you can manage - whether it's small movements with your arms or hopping on one foot up the stairs to reach the view post.

Through collected knowledge, optimized and tested design, the project will provide input and requirement specifications for the building project that optimize the opportunity for movement for users at BørneRiget, and the ambition is to contribute with evidence-based research on movement and exercise in the hospital.

Project Food & Meals investigates which food concepts there should be at BørneRiget, in relation to diet and kitchens. 


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Project Managers

Further information can be obtained from:
Naja Lynge Rasmussen, and Project Secretary, Mads Lund Vestergaard,