BørneRiget set to open “Kroppens Rige”

​Thanks to a DKK 4 million donation to BørneRiget from TrygFonden, the hospital is now able to develop “Kroppens Rige” [body realm] – a series of installations where children and their families can play their way to an understanding of the body, disease and clinical examinations while they are in hospital.

Kroppens Rige_billede artikel.jpgPhoto: In “Kroppens Rige”, children will be able to investigate equipment for a blood test, for example.

In future, when children and families visit BørneRiget, Rigshospitalet’s new hospital building for children, young people and expectant mothers, they will be able to play with equipment for taking blood tests and watch the different steps of treatment on an interactive screen. At the hospital, due to open its doors in 2025, they will also be able to try scanning a soft toy and play with the noises from an MRI scanner before they have a scan themselves. These are some of the ideas for “Kroppens Rige”, the project being launched by BørneRiget thanks to support received from TrygFonden.

On the one hand, the installations and activities can function as a tool for dialogue with children, parents and staff, and, on the other, as something for the child to play with. All these things help to take the strangeness out of upcoming procedures, reducing anxiety levels in the children. As Elisabeth Ginsberg, project director of the user experience, Analysis and Strategy, at BørneRiget, explains:

“Whether you’re a baby, a child, a young person or an expectant mother, having to go into hospital can be tough. Visible and invisible things are happening with your body; there are strange instruments, buttons and sounds all over the place, and people often speak a language you can’t understand. BørneRiget’s “Kroppens Rige” project seeks to make patients and families feel welcome in a universe where the world of the hospital adapts to them, and where their curiosity to learn about their body and hospital procedures is aroused. 

“The goal is to activate areas where families spend time, often waiting, by providing playful and educational activities and installations that can help to reduce anxiety and provide more reassurance and relevant learning. This initiative will make it easier for families to handle difficult situations, and it will help children, young people and adults to talk about what happens in a hospital,” she says.

The activity areas of “Kroppens Rige” are divided into five focus areas: welcome, preparation, treatment, exploration and relaxation.

Working with Experimentarium

The project is a collaborative venture by BørneRiget and Experimentarium. Thus, BørneRiget is able to benefit from the vast experience of Denmark’s science centre in communicating knowledge to people of all ages. 
There are plans to continue development of installations and activities beginning in autumn 2021, once the overall design for BørneRiget’s user-experience is in place; “Kroppens Rige” will be one element of that.

In addition to the recent donation of DKK 4 million, TrygFonden had already given the project a DKK 750,000 subsidy to finance in-depth preliminary studies and development of ideas for the concept and installations.

“This is a visionary project, integrating play as a key way of including and engaging children and families. Extensive preliminary work has been done to create the best possible solutions and to hit the target group in a precise and relevant way. At the same time, the scientific foundation is testimony to a high level of ambition in a project that could serve as a front-runner, with this being such a new field of academic study,” according to Jette Jul Bruun, Assistant Director of TrygFonden. She continues:

“TrygFonden is keen to ensure all of us feel – and are – confident about our encounter with the health service, and that everyday life for anyone with a chronic or serious health condition is defined as little as possible by that condition. We’re also keen to promote physical activity, and for more people to live a longer life with the best possible quality of life. That’s why BørneRiget resonates so well with many of our focus areas, and we’re delighted to be supporting such an innovative and exciting project.”

The donation from TrygFonden will get the project of the ground. BørneRiget will work to raise more funds to complete the project.